One day, while I was staying in my grandmother’s house for some time, I said unwittingly to her “What a nice dress! I like the color.” To that, she just replied, “It’s just a brown shirt. Nothing fancy.”

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

In her defense, she was on her way to a traditional market around the corner and it wasn’t a big deal. I recall that my compliment was spontaneous and genuine as I really liked how that dress looks.

Little did I know that would be the thing I would ‘regret’…

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Everyone has already known Discord. I personally have been using it since forever. But there is something about its interface that feels quite “stuffy”. So, not so long ago a group of engineers reached out to me to plan the development of a similar platform. …


AQimos is a web app for desktops and mobile that monitors air composition. In AQimos, they believe that air is a matter of life and death, and clean air is a crucial part of life. By that spirit, my work is to present complex data while ensuring the easiness of…

Edgar Louis Helping people solve problems and ideas through UI/UX Design. I also like to write and share stories.

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